Reseller Manual

Last Update: July 17, 2015

Welcome to WaterBrick International’s reseller manual. Here you can find the tools and answers you need to be successful in selling WaterBrick containers. We hope that this manual will sufficiently answer any questions you may have. If at any time you have any questions, you can contact your sales representative or contact WaterBrick directly at 877-420-9283.

Getting Started – Click on items in blue for more information

1. Signing Up

To become a reseller of our products, provide the following information:

  1. Fill out the Reseller Agreement,
  2. Fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form,
  3. Provide a copy of your Sales Tax Exemption Certificate from your state.  You may also fill out the below Uniform Sales & Use Tax Form.
  4. Provide a copy of your Reseller Certificate from your state.
  5. Submit the above via email

Once we have received all of these completed documents, we will follow up in approximately three business days.  We will then discuss (1) our selling programs and (2) our pricing.

Please note:  We are unable to ship any orders until all completed reseller documentation is received.  We will then confirm you are setup as a reseller for placing orders.

Reseller Agreement Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Uniform Sales & Use Tax Form – This can be used unless your business resides in one of the following states (AK, DE, IN, LA, MA, MS, MT, NH, NY, OR, VA, WV, WY).

2. Placing Orders

Wholesale Orders – e-mail Purchase Order to  If using your carrier, also include the Bill of Lading.

Dropship Orders – e-mail our Excel Order Form to

Product Listing

Shipping Instructions

Box Sizes

Terms & Conditions

Owner’s Manual

3. Marketing Tools

Brochure – Overall Retail

Brochure – Trade Show Handout


Brochures – WaterBrick Product Uses:

72 Hour Grab and Go Kit

Creative Water and Food Storage Applications

Block of Ice


Boating or Rafting

Snow Emergencies

Brochure – FoodBrick

Brochure – AmmoBrick


Videos at

Pictures at


To download pictures, you need to create an account and become a member of this WaterBrick Shutterfly page.  To do this, click the link above and on the top right corner, click “Sign Up”.  Once you are a member of the WaterBrick page, you can either (1) hover over the picture thumbnail and click “Download Picture” in the top right corner, or (2) click the picture you wish to download and a “Download this Picture” option should appear.

4. Selling Tips for our Products


  • Demonstrate
    1. “Our” Videos – WaterBrick containers are unique so customers need to see that.  Contact our operations coordinator at 407-499-4473 and request a DVD and / or Flash Drive with our latest video’s and play them in your store.
    2. “Your” Videos – Resellers that show one of their employees or owner using the product in a real situation and giving their personal testimonial makes a difference.  Post it to your social media, mass e-mails and show it on your in-store T.V. monitors.
    3. A Product Display – Cross Stack some WaterBricks  as a display, a table, a wall, etc; customers see the value when stacked versus just sitting singularly on a shelf.  See our brochures above for more ideas.
  • Educate
    1. Store Staff – Train your staff so they can educate consumers on why they need containers and WaterBrick.
    2. Consumer Workshop – Resellers that offer free educational workshops do very well with WaterBrick because they get a chance to demonstrate them both in person and with video’s.  Customers repeatedly say WaterBrick containers are one of the coolest products they’ve seen because of all the uses; just show them!
    3. Commercial Customer – Sell by the pallet to large organizations.  Here is why each one of these organizations are using water containers and WaterBrick in particular.
      • Hospitals or Nursing Homes – What is the Need for Water Containers?  The CDC has done the work for us and this flyer provides the information.  Train your staff and e-mail it to potential customers.
      • Rafting Companies – OARS in Northern California is very impressed with WaterBrick containers as they are using them for water storage on their rafting trips.  They like how well they tie down to the raft, that they lie flat and that they don’t break like other containers; more information to come.
      • Long Distance Running and Biking Events – is using our containers for water stations at the numerous stops on their half marathon races; more information to come.
      • Fire Departments – They are being used by Fire Departments, in particular, those that fight wild fires so that their fire fighters can carry drinking water with them deep into the field.
  • Sell Bundles
    1. In Packs of 8 or 10 – the average customer buys 9 WaterBrick containers per order so bundle packs sell very well.
    2. With complimentary products – For a Water Products bundle, sell a 10 pack of WaterBrick containers with a WaterBrick spigot, a filter or a water preserver.  For a Water & Food Products bundle, sell a 10 pack of WaterBrick containers with any freeze dried food pack size; sell the fact that freeze dried food needs “water” to re-hydrate the food before eating.
    3. Why do Bundles Work Well?
      • For Resellers – More Unique your Bundle = Harder to Price Shop individual Items.
      • For Consumers – Because you are providing them a broader solution.


  • Improve Search Engine Rankings for your Website
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    1. Use SubmitEaze every 2 months as consistency is key; mostly runs in the background so it’s easy.
    2. Submit numerous URL links from your site (i.e. a product page of WaterBrick, your blog, your home page, etc.)
    3. Submit your home page twice.  Once as your normal site address (i.e. for example) and a Second time as the name of your Home Page (i.e. is ours for example).
  • Increase Exposure of your Articles or Press Releases
    1. is a “free” press release distribution website.
    2. SubmitEaze is $65 one time to submit your articles to hundreds of directories in addition to improving search rankings per the above.
    3. has 5 different pricing levels from $100 to $500 per submission for the most mass appeal.
    4. Example: Write a press release about (A) selling WaterBrick containers or (B) why store water with WaterBrick and other complimentary products and submit it to multiple directories online.

Social Media

  • FaceBook + News = Higher SalesSome consumers hear about preparedness products, procrastinate and when disasters happen, they struggle to recall what they need.  Our FaceBook viral marketing postings connect the disaster in the news with the article link and picture, with the why you need to store water with a link to learn more about storing water and about WaterBrick.For as little as $15 per FaceBook ad, some of our resellers are getting up to 12,000 exposures and seeing their WaterBrick sales increase as much as 50%.  Check out our FaceBook fan page here for story ideas so you can do the same.  One tip, when selecting keywords notice the exposure impact FaceBook lists; may be better to use 4-5 high impact keywords.
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Commonly Asked Questions

1.  Where are the Product Specifications?  Either in the Overall Retail Brochure above OR on our product specifications website page.

2.  What is our Warranty and policy on Defects & Returns?  You will find this in the Terms & Conditions document above.

3.  How many units fit on a pallet?  You will find this in the Product Listing document above.

4.  Where are the product SKU and UPC codes?  You will find this in the Product Listing document above.

5.  Can a Pallet or Box mix different container sizes or colors?  Yes.  For more information, go to either our Product Listing or Shipping Instructions document above.

6.  Where can I find the Shipping details to get a Bill Of Lading?  You will find this in the Shipping Instructions document above.