WaterBrick Containers

Multiple Uses, Multiple Solutions

Easy To Carry
Easy To Stack
Easy To Strap Down

Unique Uses All-In-One:

  • Storage for 72 Hour Grab & Go or Long Term – easily stack WaterBrick storage containers for food and water in closets or under beds; even cross stack as a coffee table to maximize space.
  • Winter Emergency Kit – store and carry salt or sand for car tires stuck in the snow.
  • Block of Ice – use these water containers as blocks of ice for boating, camping, sporting activities or eliminating food or medication spoilage in your refrigerator during short term power outages.
  • Sand Bag for the 21st Century – fill these stackable containers with sand or for easier cleanup, fill with water.
  • Bunker Walls – cross stack to build paint ball and air soft courses or for shooting ranges or military when filled with sand or pea gravel.
  • Hunting Blinds – stack unfilled WaterBrick water containers for temporary use or fill with sand or pea gravel and / or insert standard ¾ inch PVC for long term use.

Unique Benefits All-In-One:

  • Portable – at 3.5 gallons, it is small enough to carry with you in a time of need or to fit under beds or in the refrigerator.
  • Stackable – cross stacks and interlocks up to 4 feet high in closets or the garage to create a bulk storage system. Insert standard ¾ inch PVC through the internal columns of these stackable containers for safer stacking heights.
  • Durable – industrial grade cross stacking WaterBrick water containers are durable enough to withstand a high impact air drop (See Drop Test Video) or be used as building blocks (See R & D House Pictures) in transitional basic shelters. The Ultra Violet additive will extend the life up to 15 years.
  • Safe Dry Storage – stores water, food, ammo or anything you want to keep dry. The resin used in this food grade container meets FDA standards and is BPA free making them safe storage containers for food and water. Not for fuels or oils.

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