Making a Difference for People in Need

WaterBrick International, Our Vision

In 2003 Jean-Michel Cousteau, the son of legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, met with his friend, Wendell Adams, founder and inventor of WaterBrick, for breakfast one morning. During their conversation, Jean-Michel challenged Wendell to address the global need for clean water and the recycling of plastic waste worldwide. What started as a casual conversation soon became the catalyst for a major movement. Adams accepted Cousteau’s challenge and became determined to create a plastic water container that could deliver water and food to people living in remote, impoverished parts of the world and also victims of natural disasters like storms, tsunamis and earthquakes. That container, once emptied of its contents, could then be repurposed to build transitional or basic housing.

Jean-Michel Cousteau: WaterBrick & Ocean Futures
The Conference Board July 2012

Kevin Adams, COO WaterBrick: The Story Behind WaterBrick
The Conference Board July 2012

WaterBricks Save Lives

One awesome idea; four years of research and development by Wendell Adams and his engineering team finally led to the creation of the WaterBrick. In its simplest form, WaterBrick is a container. But not just any container. Its Utility Patented design is uniquely multi-functional and “Wildly Strong” serving many needs.

Easy to transport, WaterBricks can uniquely transport life essentials; serving water and food to those in need. Because of their rugged industrial strength, they can be palletized, shrink-wrapped and air-dropped anywhere in the world, no matter how remote the location. But their functionality goes beyond their capacity as the strongest  container on the market . . .

Once emptied of their original contents, WaterBricks can be re-used as basic building blocks to construct transitional or fixed structures. Properly used, they require no foundation or mortar; just stack them like conventional building blocks. The male and female locking lugs fit tightly together, and 3/4′ PVC pipes can vertically lock the joints together if necessary. The resulting structure is astonishingly strong.

Thus, WaterBrick not only delivers water and food to those in need in any hard-to-reach location, but in doing so, they can also provide the means to build basic housing, serve during disaster relief  or prepare one’s family  for potential catastrophic events.

Preparing to Meet a Growing Need

WaterBrick International’s corporate office  is based in Winter Garden, Florida.  WaterBricks are currently being manufactured in Clinton, Iowa but the company is exploring additional manufacturing locations in the mid western part of the United States as well.

Also in the works are discussions about licensing agreements with companies in various locations outside the U.S. to capitalize on potential savings in manufacturing and transportation costs.

WaterBrick International is committed to meeting demand for its product on a global scale and maintaining affordable prices that make it a feasible solution for diverse applications.


Wendell Adams

During my Marine Corps  duty in Vietnam

1966-67-68, I watched young  girls fetch

water daily for their families; surely, there

had to be an easier way? . . . WaterBrick!


Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Spring 2011

Clean water, Clean storage ….

No Cholera!

Our Misson


Certifications & Awards

Berry Aviation, Inc

Date: 2016
WaterBrick Field Testing

Numerous Favorable Tests from Dow Chemical

Date: April 08, 2010
Dow Chemical has conducted numerous favorable tests. They have partnered with WaterBrick in Haiti with details in their press release. Contact Joe Loeffler at Dow Chemical for more information.

Sustainable Part/Component Award and the Industrial/Military Award

Date: June 01, 2009
Sustainable Part/Component Award and the Industrial/Military Award in June 2009 from the 2009 International Plastics Design Competition hosted by the SPI Plastics Industry Trade Association.

Structural Engineering Certification by Wilson Structural Consultants, Inc.

Date: May 20, 2009
Ardaman & Associates, Inc a Geotechnical, Environmental Materials Consulting firm issued their 18 page report that proved WaterBrick to be capable of withstanding the structural requirements to be used in building a range of facilities. This testing represents a significant milestone as it shows that a WaterBrick wall could support trusses spanning up to 28 feet!

A Message From the Founder


Welcome to WaterBrick International! WaterBrick is the combination of vision and hard work that has turned an idea into reality. Challenged in 2003 by Jean-Michel Cousteau, the son of the legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, to address the global need for water, we created WaterBrick as a first response life-line to not only address the global need for water and food delivery, but also to address the tremendous need for storage of life-essentials, building “basic shelter” for the less fortunate and for those victims of catastrophic storms, tsunamis, and war-torn regions around the world.

We have created an organization with a product and service like no other in existence today. We asked the question of how we could design a product that would provide an enduring social good to the world, and to do so in a manner that would allow us to achieve scale, sustainability and profitability; to create a vision around which the world could rally. As you will discover throughout our website, WaterBrick’s mission and products have been designed and manufactured to accomplish these very goals.

So, what is our vision? Imagine an idea, a unique delivery system that delivers water and food; life-essentials to the developing world, but in doing so, it can be “repurposed” and provide sustainable basic housing for those in need.

In a sense, WaterBrick is quite simplistic. Initially designed as an industrial container for water and food transport, structural components had to be incorporated to fulfill its total purpose which came with some very special attributes.

First, it must be deliverable via air-drop where no other modes of transportation are available to reach disaster sites. WaterBrick’s award winning and patented design was developed to withstand the harsh forces that can smash conventional plastic containers when dropped via parachute from an aircraft. When interlocked, palletized and shrink-wrapped, the WaterBrick’s patented structural design allows it to withstand these forces while arriving at the drop-site structurally sound. Secondly, the design must allow for the building of transitional shelter using only the WaterBrick and natural materials at its building site. As you will learn from our website, WaterBrick’s design is revolutionary, in that it is not only a unique delivery system for life essentials, such as water and food, but it comes with a secondary and critical purpose of building transitional shelter such as homes, schools and other basic structures.

With that, I invite you to browse our site and discover what has become a source of magnetic energy and excitement for us at WaterBrick as we work to leave a positive mark on our world and serve those in need. With your support, together, we can help others in need.

Wendell B. Adams

WaterBrick International, Inc.