We have been tracking the mention of WaterBrick across the Internet, and in print, as a way to understand its mass appeal. Take a look at how WaterBrick is popping up in more than a few recent media pieces.

There is a reason that WaterBrick gets so much attention from significant media sources. It's not just the name recognition of the founder. It's the idea that this has the potential to be part of a real efficiency revolution, and not just a form of greenwashing. People are looking actively for these kinds of solutions, as we find ourselves in the 11th hour of a plan to avert climate catastrophe, in part by limiting our use of disposable plastics.

In aid of this idea, the WaterBrick technology is easily replicable, and has a lot of potential. So it's getting noticed where people are writing about the 21st century and sustainability.

It's also getting noticed on social media, where you'll see references to WaterBrick on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or in more specialized group environments where experts and industrial insiders are talking about how to reorder systems to make them more ecological, for all of the above reasons.

Then there are all the different use cases of WaterBrick products. It starts with water, but extends to all sorts of bulk materials and important staples that we must carry with us in transit.

Here you can see some of the stories that people have been telling around WaterBrick and understand more about how these products are being practically used in the modern world. With real-life examples of WaterBrick at work, it's easy to imagine how this kind of simple installation will become more popular in the future as we imagine how we will live on this planet. Try this interlocking system, and let’s tell stories together!

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