WaterBrick Pictures

Four years of research and development by Wendell Adams and his engineering team finally led to the creation of the WaterBrick. In its simplest form, WaterBrick is a container. But it’s not just any container. Its patented design is uniquely multi-functional.

Easy to transport, WaterBricks can quickly deliver life-giving water and food to people in need. Because of their rugged industrial strength, they can be palletized, shrink-wrapped and air-dropped anywhere in the world, no matter how remote the locations. But their functionality goes beyond their capacity as a sturdy container.

Once emptied of their original contents, WaterBricks can be re-used as basic building blocks to construct transitional structures. Properly used, they require no foundation or mortar; just stack them like conventional building blocks. The male and female locking lugs fit tightly together, and 3/4′ PVC pipes can vertically lock the joints together if necessary. The resulting structure is astonishingly strong.

General Pics

Outdoor Camping/ATV

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