Military Test Results


Live-Fire Test Results for WaterBrick

Tests on WaterBricks were conducted at the Orange County Tactical Training Range in Orlando, Florida under the supervision of one of their range officers. The tests were performed firing from the prone position with each weapon and caliber from a distance of 25 yards.

The WaterBricks were filled completely with sand or pea gravel and stacked as they would typically be when used as a wall or bunker. Each round was fired at the longest side of the WaterBrick. Several tests were conducted to determine if shots fired at one of the two hollow posts of the WaterBrick would affect the penetration characteristics of the tests.

The Results

WaterBricks were successful in all tests, effectively stopping each of the rounds and preventing penetration of the backside wall of the brick. In the case of the 7.62mm NATO 175 grain round, the round penetrated the center hollow post; however, it did not exit the WaterBrick on the opposite side. In the case of the 5.56mm M855 Penetrator, the round made an indentation on the center hollow post; however, it did not penetrate to reenter the WaterBrick.

Below is a cutaway rendering of how the bullets penetrated the WaterBrick and the general results by each caliber.

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