Why use WaterBrick?

First of all, plastic is becoming a scourge on our environment. It's building up in landfills and in the oceans, in very problematic ways.

The disposable culture is contributing to some unsustainable patterns that should trouble everyone, and make us think differently about how we use resources.

WaterBrick is intended to work against these unfortunate trends. People want to do their parts to change that math, and create solutions for future generations.

By having reusable containers that are large and stackable, people can reframe how they view transporting very important things like food products and other basics for survival, when they’re in transit, or stocking up for the future.

Water Carriers

Take water, the life-giving elixir of nature – a simple chemical product that we need to stay alive. How do you transport water?

Instead of carrying water around in inefficient, disposable single use bottles, or even gallon jugs, the WaterBrick allows for stacking and storing many gallons of water for a group or for long-term use. The water brick doesn't shift, spill, fall or contort itself the way that inferior plastic containers do

More Uses

Water isn’t the only thing that you can carry with these innovative containers; use WaterBrick for food, ammunition and more. It’s especially good for dry goods, like grains, or flour, or rice – anything that you need to take with you in bulk for journeys like:

  • A scientific research trip
  • A vacation
  • Emigration
  • Moving to a new place

Using these bulk containers can mean the difference between throwing away another mountain of plastic, or achieving that lower-impact model that you want for your carbon footprint.

WaterBrick can also be useful for a team, for instance, for humanitarian or military projects. Take a look at the web site to see how this new way of packing developed from a conversation about our Mother Earth, the planet that we live in – and how we need to take care of it, because we only have one!

Emergency Preparedness – Disaster Relief Products

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