Customer Testimonials

“It's compact, portable, and tough – you won't break it even if you tried”
Review by Survivalmag

I live in an apartment with limited space, and Waterbrick is the most convenient long-term water storage solution that I've ever tried. It can fit anywhere, it's easy to move, and it's tough as nails. I strongly recommend it.

Review by, Rad Hazelip

Love A Child, Inc.

“Nothing gives us the benefits and advantages for our constituents’ clean water needs like WaterBrick. It isn’t just a water container, it is a multi-purpose “asset” for the families that receive them.”
Review by Jeremy Scmitz

Amazon Verified Purchase

“After much research for water storage for emergencies I concluded this (WaterBrick container) was the best option. You can stack them easily like legos so total number is up to you. They are durable and with their size and carry handle, you can easily tote them around as needed unlike some other larger containers.”

“Swiss Army Knife of Water Containers”
Review by moose-knuckle

Wow, they are free of Bisphenol-A to boot! Thanks for sharing, they appear to be the “Swiss Army knife” of water storage containers. Nice feature being able to be filled with sand and stacked some what interlocked!

“Great price, easy portabiliy, necessary.”
Review by oldandprepared

“Piece of mind knowing we have a supply of water that is easily portable.”

“One of the smartest buys I made for 2011 hurricane season.”
Review by Kimberly

“I live in Florida this was one of the smartest buys I have made for 2011 hurricane season. I have them ready to go and with the stabilizer I do not have to change the water until 2017, they take up very little room, and I won’t have to worry about standing in line for water at the store or the local Red Cross center. After seeing them stack neatly in the house the other day, my daughter will be adding these to her hurricane preparedness gear…”

“A very useful versatile product.”
Review by Askbart

“Not only is this a great product for water, but also for any bulk item; food and other life essential items. It is water tight as well as airtight. They can hold over 100 pounds of any item that will fit. Their wide opening makes filling and emptying quite convenient… They are so sturdy; they even make buildings out of them, hence the name, “WaterBrick”. The inventor/owner of “WaterBrick” is also a great humanitarian. He has given thousands of these “Bricks” to the Haitians and they are used around the world in various humanitarian efforts. You can not go wrong with these items.”

“Best stackable manageable water containers.”
Review by Mark

“If I didn’t have these I would be using 55 Gallon plastic drums. These are not too big individually, at only 3.5 gallons each they full only weigh in at 32 pounds each. They only take up 18″ by 18″ floor space and I was able to stack 20 bricks together in that space. Thats 70 gallons worth of water! I added the Water Preserver to it so I only need to wash-out and change out my water every 5 years. I am very happy with these WaterBricks.”

“These are great.”
Review by Awesome!

“No doubt this is a more expensive option, I kinda struggled to pull the trigger but man am I glad now that they have showed up and I have used them… these bricks are super convenient and built like Fort Knox. I plan to use a few of these pretty regularly as well for hunting trips which is part of the way I convinced myself to upgrade and get these instead of the 5 gallon stackable which are no where as durable.”

“Makes water storage easy.”
Review by Jane

“This is a great product for storing water at home. They are easy to carry and I can hide them under my kids beds. Since I will be using them for drinking water, I like the fact that I can keep them right inside my house staying clean rather than outside getting dirty. They are really convenient.”

“Great water storage containers.”
Review by Sid

“These things are awesome, I rarely review products I buy but figured I had to for this one, these bricks are TOUGH and very convenient to tote around. I plan to use them for camping and tailgating and when not in use I will fill them up and stack them in my garage for my water storage. I am going to buy the larger configuration now that I have tried these out.”

“Great water containers.”
Review by Terrence

“I saw these at the Self Reliance Expo that The Ready Store was at and I must say these were awesome, very strong/thick and stable when stacked. The plan is to give a few to my kids in college so they can have 72 hour water storage while they live in their apts.”