R & D House in Orlando, Florida

In 2009, WaterBrick International built a prototype house with WaterBricks near its headquarters in Orlando, Florida for research and development purposes.  Four employees took approximately 12 hours to construct the building, using minimal tools and only on-site dirt to fill the WaterBricks

The house measures 12′ x 12′. It required approximately 500 WaterBricks.  The WaterBricks were interlocked horizontally, and 3/4″ PVC pipes, 14″ long, vertically locked the joints together.  No foundation was needed.  The roof consists of typical wood framing and lightweight, corrugated roofing materials.

The end result was a transitional basic structure, able to withstand weather and other environmental challenged, and sufficiently sturdy to last five or more years.  The photos below show the construction process.

To learn more about this project and to donate, contact us today at info@WaterBrick.org or call us at 1-877-420-9283.

To see how WaterBrick containers can be used as a building product for the school in Mkuze, South Africa, click here.

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