Outdoor Uses

Block of Ice

  • Frozen WaterBricks can be placed in the refridgerator or ice chest to extend the life of perishable foods or medications in case of a power outage.
  • When they melt, unlike ice, you’ll have a fresh clean supply of emergency water on hand


  • WaterBricks are great for camping and due to their portability and durability.
  • In addition, their air tight sealing lid and HDPE plastic construction conceals food odors thus minimizing animal intrusions.


Hunting Blinds

  • Whether temporary or permanent, WaterBricks can easily anchor into the ground and are easily moved
  • Just spray paint or add moss to easily camoflague WaterBricks

Trombe Wall

  • Use WaterBricks to distribute and release heat into your homes over a period of hours
  • It is the most common indirect heat-gain approach used in the market today.

Military Sand Bag

  • Filled completely with sand or pea gravel, WaterBricks went under a live-fire ballistics test and were successful in all tests, effectively stopping each of the full metal jacket military rounds and preventing penetration of the backside wall of the brick
  • Also, WaterBrick has been dubbed the 21st century ammo can

Boating or Rafting

  • Use WaterBricks for your next boating trip and enjoy the durability of a water container that can survive your next adventure.
  • WaterBricks feature an air tight sealing lid and are made out of a durable and safe HDPE plastic construction.


Tailgating Parties

  • Fill with beer, wine, or any other beverage for outdoor tailgating events.
  • The WaterBrick spigot makes it easy to pour out beverages

Parapet Walls or Bunkers

  • Paintball or Air soft courses – easy to change from one day to another to add new challenged for advanced groups
  • Military – can airdrop into combat zones to deliver needed supplies but reuse for bunkers

These are just some of our ideas for outdoor uses.