Boating or Rafting

Use WaterBricks for your next boating trip and enjoy the durability of a water container that can survive your next adventure.  WaterBricks feature an air tight sealing lid and are made out of a durable and safe HDPE plastic construction.


  • Easy to Secure in Transit: Tie down easily with a bungee cord or other strap through the designed column holes in the container like the pictures on the left
  • Average container wall thickness is approximately 1/8 of an inch (0.125)
  • Notched Lid with Full Gasket: Allows a person to easily open the lid while the heavy duty full gasket provides an air tight seal
  • Wide Lid Opening: An average adult can easily reach in for stored contents
  • HDPE Plastic Resin: FDA approved and BPA free food grade containers
  • Ultra Violet Protectant:  Added to lengthen the life of the container and protect from the sun
Review from Debi in Colorado – 11/26/12

“I bought two WaterBricks to hold water for a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon.  These WaterBrick containers worked out extremely well for me and my fellow rafters.  We especially liked that WaterBricks can lay on their side while loaded down on the raft and they did not leak unlike other containers.  They are easy to strap down through the two holes so they were very secure during the entire trip.”

This Drop Test shows how durable

WaterBrick containers are:


The two hole design makes it easy

to strap down the WaterBricks like in

these boating pictures.