Block of Ice

How to Make an Ice Block

Step 1: Fill WaterBrick with Water

Step 2: Fill to the Bottom of the WaterBrick Logo

Step 3: Place WaterBrick in Freezer

Time for WaterBrick to Fully Freeze *
Half Size = less than 1 day
Standard Size = 1 day *
Depends on your freezer

Emergency Preparedness

Frozen WaterBricks can be placed in the fridge to extend the life of perishable foods or medications in case of a power outage.  When they melt, unlike ice, you’ll have a fresh clean supply of emergency water on hand.  Reduce the worry of losing food or important medications that are hard to replace right after an emergency.

According to Emergency Preparedness: Diabetes Management during a Crisisby Martha Archuleta, PhD, RD:

“Insulin can be kept at room temperature for 30 days. Most diabetes medications don’t require refrigeration. However, a person may be taking other medications that do require refrigeration. If so, the following strategy can be used to keep medications cold: 1. Keep ice or frozen cold packs in the freezer and a small ice chest handy 2. If power goes out, medications that need to be refrigerated can be kept cold by placing them in the ice chest along with the ice or frozen cold packs.”

Outdoor Activities

WaterBricks are great for use inside coolers. Use frozen standard size or half size WaterBricks, depending on your cooler size, to keep snacks and other perishable foods cool for outdoor activities. When they melt, unlike ice, you’ll have a fresh clean supply of additional ready to drink water on hand. Great for picnics, boating, or any outdoor activity where ice is needed and added clean water is harder to get.