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Personal Water Filter

SKU: ELS-0001

Category: LifeStraw

Price: $19.95



LifeStraw filters down to an incredible, 0.2 microns in size! This removes virtually all the bacteria (99.9999%)

and protozoa (99.9%) from contaminated water, and reduces turbidity (muddiness) by filtering out suspended particles.


The LifeStraw is so well respected among preppers and others it’s won tons of awards.

And it’s earned every award it’s ever received.  From the Time Magazine Invention of the Year Award…to winning the coveted Award For World Changing Ideas.  That’s because it:

  • Filters 1,000 liters of water for 1+ years of clean, safe water
  • Discreetly fits in a purse, backpack, or survival kit so you always have it with you
  • Is re-useable for reliable, dependable use
  • Eliminates 99.9% of life threatening parasites to keep you extra safe and healthy

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