Disaster Preparedness

Waterproof Storage

  • Store items inside WaterBricks to keep them safe and dry during a flood
  • Stack and store away important documents, items, etc.


Flood Barrier

Fill WaterBricks with water instead of sand for easier cleanup!

  • Just dump out the water and re-use the container for something else
  • Don’t need to discard the container in a landfill after use like traditional sand bags


  • Fill WaterBricks with salt, sand or cat litter and keep them in the trunk of your car when it’s snowing in case extra traction is needed
  • Put filled WaterBricks in your trunk as extra weight during 2 wheel drive to help prevent back wheels from skidding
  • If the WaterBricks are filled with water, they can be used as am emergency water supply during unexpected situations

These are just some of our ideas for disaster preparedness uses
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