WaterBrick Makes Public Debut at the ACCP Annual Conference in San Francisco

WaterBrick International made a pubic debut at the 2009 Annual Conference for the Association of Corporate Contribution Professionals. Throughout the course of this conference WaterBrick was able to interface with representatives of many Fortune 500 companies in order to discuss how parties could work together to fulfill humanitarian goals while enabling America’s leading companies to take a proactive role in making such work possible. One highlight for WaterBrick at the conference was an introduction to Global Giving – a 501c3 charitable organization that brings donors and humanitarian projects together.

WaterBrick was also the first social entrepreneur to become involved with the ACCP, which traditionally focuses upon For-Profit, Fortune 500 companies for membership. WaterBrick has a result of the conference been invited to the upcoming Africa Resource Group meeting to be held in New York, NY later this year.

About the ACCP

For more information regarding the ACCP, please visit their website, and see the summary of their mission below.

The Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals (ACCP) is the nation’s leading independent organization providing services and support for corporate contributions, community relations, and employee volunteer managers.

ACCP is a nonprofit advocacy and continuing education organization that helps corporations identify and adopt best practices and provides training for contributions professionals in the contributions, community relations, and volunteerism fields.

A Delegate Assembly meets annually to establish and monitor the operating guidelines for ACCP. A 15-member board of directors, representative of different industry segments carries out Delegate Assembly policies and provides ongoing oversight of the ACCP staff and operations.