Problem Solving with WaterBrick

Problem Solving with WaterBrick

The WaterBrick product is, in some ways, a simple item, but it is helping to solve an enormous problem.

That problem is the scourge of errant plastic from disposables that gets swept into our oceans each day. We have an intuitive idea of how much of the stuff is gyrating around in our waterways and oceans, but when we actually do the research, it’s stomach-turning.

Problem Solving with WaterBrick

Let’s look at why this is happening. Part of the problem is the glut of disposables from water bottles and assorted containers for food and water that get used once and thrown away. But is this the only way to outfit yourself for an outdoor trip or some other kind of outing?

No, it’s not. Some simple changes in our ways of thinking could help us to preserve our oceans for future generations.

The Solution – Portable Bulk Containers Reduce Waste

Here’s one way to think about why people are littering the oceans: because it’s convenient.

So you’re getting ready for a trip, and you need a source of portable water. You don’t want to haul those gallon jugs around, and they’re made of plastic too, anyway, so you buy a pallet of shrink-wrapped individual bottles. Each of those bottles is made of plastic, and so is the shrinkwrap. It’s a travesty.

Now, suppose you have a container that holds five or ten gallons of water. But suppose that container is rectangular instead of ovoid, abundantly stackable, and even has interlocking pieces built in to help you pack.

In this case, having bulk water is as easy as filling up one or two or more of these containers and stacking them in a vehicle. They aren’t going anywhere, because they’re interlocked as one collective brick. When you get to the boat or the campsite or wherever, you use the handle to easily transport the water or bulk foods and voilà – you have what you need without littering!

There’s no reason that our drinking water has to be a pollutant for the drinking water of other species, but sadly, that’s what’s occurring to a large extent. Take a look at the testimony of Jean-Michel Cousteau and others on our site, and think about how WaterBrick can help you to innovate how you live. It just takes some simple problem solving and a slight dedication to legwork to preserve the value of our natural environment and fight the plastics problem. Together, we can do it.