Outreach and WaterBrick Unite to Package Meals for Vulnerable People around the World

August 16, 2012 (Orlando, FL) – WaterBrick International has teamed up with Outreach to provide and distribute food packages used to combat hunger and stockpile for natural disasters around the world. Through a food packaging event, friends, families, co-workers and organizations team up for one-day and produce dried, non-perishable meals that are packaged for delivery in WaterBrick containers.

WaterBrick’s storage containers protect the packaged food from spoilage, contamination or bug infestation which minimizes disease outbreak. The container also acts as a portable pantry system to transport necessary water and food to various locations. They weigh 30 pounds when filled with water and 27 pounds when filled with rice and feature a wide lid opening and comfortable carrying handle ideal for adults and children.

An Outreach/WaterBrick food packaging event is a compelling and impactful way to bring positive change in your community and beyond. Hosting a food packaging event delivers an unforgettable team-building experience and educates people about global hunger issues worldwide. To get started with a packaging event in your community, contact us by phone:

Outreach: 641-486-2550 or WaterBrick: 877-420-WATER

Outreach is a four star charity on Charity Navigator and has packaged over 200 million meals to date. For more information about Outreach, please visit www.outreachprogram.org

For more information about how WaterBrick containers can solve your long-term water, food and storage needs, please visit www.waterbrick.org.