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Imagine an idea to fund the delivery of life-giving water and food to the developing world, but in doing so, also providing sustainable basic housing to influence the development of self-reliant economies. WaterBrick International is making this happen today.

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Relief for Haiti

Our most pressing project at the moment is our relief effort in Haiti. Since the earthquake in January 2010, we have been continually delivering WaterBricks directly to Haitians in need for use as water and food storage containers. The WaterBricks can also be used to construct transitional, basic housing for Haitians currently homeless or living in tent cities. The need is overwhelming, and we welcome your ideas and contributions.

100% of your donation will go to the Haitian relief effort.


Partnering with Convoy of Hope

It is absolutely crucial to work with humanitarian agencies on the ground in Haiti that can assist with distribution. Convoy of Hope is yet another humanitarian partner to help us in Haiti. We will provide more pictures as we receive them back from the field.

There is also still a huge need for bleach as they continue to fight cholera and it will be an ongoing battle for years to come. The need for clean drinking containers continues as well as they have to retrieve and store water as the standard tap we are accustomed to is not an option.

We thank you for your continued support. Any help you can still provide, including telling friends about our work, would be greatly appreciated.

Love a Child Distributes WaterBricks in Haiti

Love A Child just distributed more of our interlocking and stackable WaterBrick water and food storage containers in their new Miracle Village in the town of Fond Parisien outside of Port-Au-Prince. Some earthquake survivors, in the Love A Child Miracle Village, have moved into their newly built homes but many are still living in tents as you can see in the picture attached.

When explaining the need for clean water containers, like WaterBrick, Sherry Burnette with Love A Child said, “this is especially important now since we have a huge Cholera epidemic here in Haiti”. However, Sherry said that, “this time we packed each WaterBrick with macaroni, oatmeal and cereal” but the families can reuse WaterBrick’s for water and food for many years to come. When giving them to children, Sherry also noted that, “these WaterBricks are easy for small children to carry to their home or their hut”.

Since the Haiti earthquake on January 12th 2010, we continue to raise donations to provide clean WaterBrick water and food containers, 17,000 distributed so far, and have provided 3,500 gallons of bleach and chlorine to help fight the Cholera outbreak. As of August 2012, over 7,500 people have died due to the Cholera outbreak with total cases over 583,871 and 20,000 new cases of Cholera reported each month so the need is still great.