Creative Storage Applications


Standard size WaterBricks can be cross-stacked up to 4 feet high and take up less space than standard 55 gallon drums.

Some examples of creative storage applications using WaterBricks include:

  • Bedrooms – closets, underneath beds, in the corner of the room, behind headboards
  • Kitchen – above stove, above refrigerator, under the sink, space above cabinets
  • Living and Family Rooms – replace coffee table, between the walls and the furniture
  • Closets – bedrooms, hall, guest rooms, linen, utility

“Makes water storage easy.”

Review by Jane – 1/6/11

“This is a great product for storing water at home. They are easy to carry and I can hide them under my kid’s beds. Since I will be using them for drinking water, I like the fact that I can keep them right inside my house staying clean rather than outside getting dirty. They are really convenient.”

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