72 Hour Emergency Grab & Go Kit


72 Hour Emergency Grab & Go Kit

WaterBrick containers can be easily accessed for portable and clean water during emergency situations as part of a 72 hour grab and go kit.  They are ideal for Preppers, survivalists and even families who are preparing for upcoming natural disasters or power outages.


  • Store emergency water discreetly inside homes instead of outside in unsafe temperatures
  • Collectively cross stacks for bulk storage, easily configures for your limited space, individually easy for grab & go
  • Freeze as an ice block for limiting food or medication spoilage


  • Meets FDA standards & BPA Free: HDPE Plastic Food Grade Container. Not for fuels or oils
  • Ultra Violet Protectant: Non-bio degradable material extending life up to 15 years or longer
  • Comfortable Carrying Handle: offers easy comfort for  long distances

Weight of a Standard WaterBrick Filled with:

28 Pounds
Long Rice
25 Pounds