Water Filters and WaterBricks A One-Two Punch Against Waste

Water Filters and WaterBricks: A One-Two Punch Against Waste

Want to save materials, recycle and improve the environment?

We do, to. That’s why we designed a solution that’s simple and easy to use, that will take millions of pounds of plastics out of the waste stream.

In so many cases, treating our planet better simply means unlearning some of the processes we’ve become used to, and implementing some pretty simple fixes.

Water Filters and WaterBricks A One-Two Punch Against Waste

Here’s one way to change how you get your daily hydration, and decrease your impact on the environment.

The Importance of WaterBricks

These interlocking and accessible containers can carry potable water anywhere you happen to be.

Think about it – whether it’s camping, a conference or a trip out of state, you’re often lugging around conventional gallon jugs of water that are disposable. After you drink the water, you discard the container and move on. You buy more of these at the store, and the cycle continues.

The fix is simple – you use a stackable, portable container that has the features that you need to access water, easily cleaning and reusing the container, and fitting it into how you pack your vehicle or transport yourself and your gear.

This simple gesture on its own is going to have a significant impact on our plastic waste cycle, and that’s important to academics and others who are researching how plastics affect our oceans and our continents.

Water At The Source

Why not combine your reusable WaterBricks with a portable water filter?

Modern filters are able to make even river water and other forms of free-flowing water safe to drink. In some cases, they may even be able to accomplish desalinization, although you’re getting into some pretty heavy territory. The bottom line, though, is that many sources of fresh water can be effectively filtered with a portable unit. Then that water can be put into the WaterBricks, in orders to take it where it needs to go. Here you are not only getting rid of your own gallon jug container waste cycle, but you’re avoiding the waste cycle of the supplier as well. The suppliers don’t have any other option, it seems, than to ship their water in conventional plastic packaging. But you do have a choice!

Everywhere you go, you can see how the glut of plastic water bottles is suffocating our planet and littering our surroundings. Try something different today to be part of the solution! Ask us about how WaterBricks help to keep our world greener and give us alternatives in an important climate era.