Survival Gear: Using WaterBricks For The Common Good

As the world wakes up to the need for modern energy conservation resources, using items like WaterBricks is becoming a powerful way to reorder how we use natural resources to live.

When you look at the website, you can see that many of these products are very similar to what you might call “survival prepping” – items that people would buy to live through an emergency or provide self-sustaining lifestyles as world systems break down. When people are scared, they may buy gear like this, although they might not ever end up using it!

So we may buy these types of items in preparation for “the end” – thankfully, though, many of us have not yet faced anything like that. Our lives are not generally a daily race for survival – they still take place within the context of modern societies. We still enjoy, for example, robust access to the Internet. Most of us still have clean water at the point of service. Of course, there are exceptions. There’s a significant amount of chaos in modern life – but then again, a lot of that has to do with natural resources, in its own way. 

Survival For the Planet

Let’s talk about another kind of survival, though. We’re talking about the survival of the planet.

Despite recent efforts to set interceptor machines on river channels to clean millions of pounds of plastic out of waterways, the ocean is becoming inundated with plastic waste. Waste has become the pedigree and the signature of our modern times. We’re polluting the water and the air to an egregious extent, and it’s having a profound effect on our environment. That in itself is feeding a certain kind of fear that is probably well-founded, because unless we get a handle on the health of our natural environment, all of us will eventually be “preppers.”

So using conservation resources like WaterBrick helps to reverse some of that damage. In other words, it’s not your personal survival that’s mainly at stake right now – it’s a collective survival process, much like the global response to the pandemic

Other Key Equipment

You can see on the website how these stackable components help you to transport life-giving water with less plastic waste. We also have food and ammo bricks, as well as water filters on-site. Take a look and see why environmental advocates suggest we can decrease waste in a big way by changing how we transport food and water, and other essentials. It’s time for this trend to take hold!