The Story Behind WaterBrick: The Conference Board

(Orlando, FL) – On July 20th, WaterBrick International, Inc. was honored to have Dow Chemical sponsor us at The Conference Board in Boston. During our keynote speech, we spoke about the importance of clean water and our socially innovative WaterBrick containers to a group of about 100 people that manage corporate giving programs of some of the largest philanthropic U.S. companies.

One of the biggest questions we get asked by many people is, “How did WaterBrick get started?” Since the speech was videotaped, we thought we would share our story; however, helping others was and is our primary mission behind WaterBrick.

The second part of our speech, not in the above, is equally as important. We spoke about the current need for disaster relief in Haiti and how we have received generous donations through partners like Dow Chemical and GlobalGiving; not to mention employee contributions from companies like Dell, Nike, Discovery, Colehaan, Converse, Capital One, Hewlett Packard and others.

While our work and contributions in Haiti is having a big impact, the Cholera epidemic is spreading and out of control. Cholera will be in Haiti for the next decade or longer if we don’t do something more. It is spreading to nearby islands and now to South Florida. It has mutated and caused people to get re-infected. As of August 2nd, 7,497 Haitians have lost their lives and over 584,000 currently have cholera with 20,000 new cholera infections each month. If we want Haiti to begin to become self-sufficient, they have to overcome this water-borne disease in order to start rebuilding their lives.

Thank you for your help. We appreciate your continued involvement either through donations or partnerships. You can donate to our Haiti Relief Fund at or call us at 877-420-WATER if you have any questions or ideas.

For more information about how WaterBrick water containers can also solve your long-term food and storage needs, please visit