Snow Emergencies

When snow covers the ground, having an emergency supply of salt, sand or water in your car can save your life.  Here are some ideas about how to use WaterBricks during snow emergencies:

  • Car Stuck in the Snow?  Fill WaterBricks with salt, sand, pea gravel or cat litter and keep them in the trunk of your car when it’s snowing in case you get stuck and extra traction is needed.  After winter ends, clean them out with some soap and use them for all your other outdoor activities the rest of the year.

  • Driving a rear wheel car in the snow & Need Extra Traction?  Fill a WaterBrick with dirt and secure in the trunk.  According to “Road and Travel” magazine, adding weight inside the trunk of a rear wheel drive vehicle increases traction in snow and ice. The back tires in a rear wheel drive automobile gain extra traction from extra force pressing them down onto the road. This extra force increases the friction between the rear tires and the road. Extra tire friction can prevent spinning on snow.

  • Trapped in Your Car Due to Snow and Need Water?  If the WaterBricks are filled with water, they can be used as a water supply during an unexpected emergency situation.  See other essentials for driving in the snow, click here.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Easily distinguish between them – Label the WaterBricks as either for Water or for Sand.  Better still, you could buy Blue WaterBricks for Water and Tan for Sand.

  • Easily secure in your car –  strap down in your trunk as the two hole design makes it easy to strap down the WaterBricks or interlock them; either way you can secure these in your trunk.

“A very useful versatile product.”

Review by Askbart – 6/12/11

“Not only is this a great product for water, but also for any bulk item; food and other life essential items. It is water tight as well as airtight. They can hold over 100 pounds of any item that will fit. Their wide opening makes filling and emptying quite convenient… They are so sturdy; they even make buildings out of them, hence the name, “WaterBrick”. The inventor/owner of “WaterBrick” is also a great humanitarian. He has given thousands of these “Bricks” to the Haitians and they are used around the world in various humanitarian efforts. You can not go wrong with these items.”