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Pump 2 Pure Pocket Pump

SKU: SFP-0001

Category: Seychelle

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  • Seychelle Pump 2 Pure Pocket Pump
  • Filtration system provides fresh, clean drinking water anywhere
  • Seychelle Pump will filter up to 100 gal. of water
Product Specifications for Seychelle Pump to Pure Pocket PumpSeychelle has specialized in the research, development, production and sale of water purification systems for over 20 years.
  • Compact pocket pump design
  • Filters 100 gal. (378.54 liters) depending on particulates in the water
  • This unit is designed to work with any non-plumbed available water source
  • Quick disconnect fittings are installed to allow quick adaptation
  • Water that has passed through the system is potable to drink
  • Carrying case included
Advanced Filter removes:
  • 99.9999% of bacteria, virus, e-coli, cysts
  • 99.99% of chemicals
  • 99.99% of chlorine, taste and odor
  • Up to 90% of fluoride
  • 99.99% of heavy metals
  • 99.9999% of radiologicals
About Filtration
  • The Pump 2 Pure uses Seychelle’s Exclusive Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration Technology to eliminate or reduce up to 99.9999% of water-borne contamination such as:
    • Aesthetic - Unpleasant taste, odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment, chlorine
    • Bacteriologicals - harmful viruses, bacteriological pathogens, cryptosporidium, giardia
    • Chemicals - toxic chemicals, arsenic, trihalomethanes, PCBs, PCEs, detergents and pesticides (DDT)
    • Dissolved solids - heavy metals, aluminum, asbestos, cadmium, chromium 6, copper, lead and mercury
    • Reduces up to 90% of fluoride
    • Radiological - Gross Beta, Radon 222, Alpha Radium 226, Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium 134 and 137
    • pH - increases the alkalinity (pH) of the drinking water up to 9.5
    • Not to be used with salt water