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Seychelle Filter - 1 pack

EXTREME RAD/ADV Replacement Filter
SKU: SWB-0008





Seychelle EXTREME RAD/ADV Replacement Filter – 1 pack

Replacement 28oz Flip Top Bottle

Seychelle EXTREME RAD/ADV Replacement Filter

The Extreme filter removes up to 99.99% of Chlorine, Chemicals (VOC’s), Heavy Metals and Radiological Contaminants. It removes up to 99.9999% of Bacteria and Virus and 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium for up to 100 gallons of safe drinking water. The Extreme filters are perfect when using water of an unknown quality, or emergency preparedness, when survival is threatened by earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, radiological contamination or terrorism. Removes up to 90% Fluoride. (Not to be used with salt water)