Outreach Event


Packaging Meals for Vulnerable People Around the World

Outreach and WaterBrick

An Outreach food packaging event is a compelling and impactful way to effect change in your community and beyond. This joint effort brings together friends, families, co-workers and organizations who are looking for ways to bring about positive change within their own communities. With an Outreach/WaterBrick meal packaging event, volunteers team up for a one-day event to produce dried, non-perishable meals that are packaged for delivery in WaterBrick containers.

Positive Community Impact – One Meal at a Time

Hosting a food packaging event through Outreach/WaterBrick promises to:

  • Give your community a way to encourage involvement in humanitarian aide efforts
  • Deliver an unforgettable team-building experience to engage volunteers of all ages
  • Address local as well as international hunger in a practical way
  • Facilitate leadership development
  • Educate people about global hunger issues
  • Engage advocacy of local and global hunger issues
  • Promote satisfaction as we empower people to change the world

WaterBrick Storage Containers:

  • Act as a mobile pantry to transport necessary water and food to various locations
  • Protect life essentials from spoilage, contamination or bug infestation
  • Minimize disease outbreak
  • Weigh 30 pounds when filled with water and 27 pounds when filled with rice
  • Features a wide lid opening and comfortable carrying handle ideal for adults and children

Sponsors can choose to distribute one or both of the following meals fortified with soy protein and 21 vitamins and minerals:

  • Traditional beans and rice casserole
  • Protein-packed macaroni and cheese meals exclusive to Outreach. This familiar American classic provides more than just nutrition in each 6 ounce meal.

Volunteers team up with Outreach & WaterBrick to combat hunger and stockpile for natural disasters at home and abroad.

Outreach Provides:

  • A support team to facilitate the planning of the event
  • All necessary ingredients for the meals
  • All equipment needed to package the meals
  • Volunteer training, on-site supervision of the packing and shipping functions, and distribution of food to those in need

Sponsor/Hosting Organization Provides:

  • Facility to host the event
  • Volunteers to pack the meals
  • Financial funding to cover cost of meals
  • Promotion of the event within its local market (Outreach can provide templates and recommendations)