MPHISE and WaterBrick: Haiti Cholera Epidemic Update

(Grand’Anse, Haiti) – The cholera epidemic in the Pestel commune in Grand’Anse has produced a significant and growing number of severe Cholera cases resulting in death. This specific cholera outbreak is concentrated in the mountain region above the town of Pestel and has gained recognition of several aid organizations. MPHISE is currently organizing a Phase II Cholera Epidemic Management Initiative working to turn around a moribund “hospital” in Pestel.

According to Dr. Michael McDonald, the Coordinator for Haiti MPHISE and the President & Executive Director of Global Health Initiatives, Inc., “the number of people being infected has also dropped significantly along with the mild cases of diarrhea (and potential mild cholera cases), due to household water purification and safe water storage due to WaterBrick water containers. WaterBrick water containers have a critical role to play in this element of the Phase II interventions.”

Dr. McDonald continues by saying, “Unless the Phase II Cholera Epidemic Management Initiative can be engaged sustainably country-wide, Haiti will continue to fail to manage its deadly epidemic. Easily a million more Haitians could be infected and thousands of lives lost in the fourth, fifth, and sixth waves of the epidemic, if the same epidemic management and governance approaches that were used in the first three waves of the epidemic continue.”

WaterBrick International is excited to continue working with MPHISE and will continue helping MPHISE in its fight to stop the spread of this devastating cholera outbreak.