Helpful Tips for Storing Ammo

Like most preppers, you probably know a lot about stockpiling. You have supplies, food, a bugout bag, the right weapons, and a plan. You may have even started stockpiling ammunition for your guns. 

While having plenty of ammo is great, these bullets will be nothing more than a pile of metal or even an accident waiting to happen if you don’t store it properly. 

As time passes, corrosion, moisture, and heat can cause serious issues for your ammo supply. Cartridges may begin to weaken and breaker, primers may stop working, and your bullets may lose mass and start to corrode. All this results in your ammo being a safety hazard to use. 

Don’t worry – all these issues are avoidable. The best way to avoid these problems is by storing your ammo properly. Some tips to help you can be found here. 

Label Your Supply and Rotate Your Stock

Ammo is just like any other perishable, stockpiled item you have. Be sure to label your ammo cases with the date when they were purchased, and always use the oldest ammo first. Doing this helps to ensure you don’t have an old box of ammo that is overlooked and wasted. 

Maintain the Right Temperatures

It’s best to store your ammo in a plastic bag inside an ammunition box that has a rubber seal, which will keep moisture out. You should also keep your boxes in the dark, cool area. If rounds are exposed to heat, they may become defective, which is something you want to avoid. 

Use a Clay Desiccant 

The top enemy of ammo is humidity. If you store your rounds in a damp environment, it will lead to corrosion and damage to the powder. There’s good news, though; you can find several ways to avoid this situation, which includes using desiccants

A desiccant is any material that absorbs water. Some materials do this chemically while others do it physically, such as a clay desiccant. 

Check for Signs of Corrosion Regularly 

Make sure you stay vigilant about your ammo storage. After you package up the ammo, be sure to check it regularly. You can’t store your ammo for 30 years and expect it to work like new when you finally need it. Be sure you schedule regular checks to ensure there are no signs of corrosion. 

Store Your Ammo in Different Locations

Don’t store all your ammo in the same place. There are a few reasons to use this tip. One is to make sure your entire stockpile does not become corroded or damaged if moisture is present. Another reason is to make sure all your ammo is not stolen if there is a break-in. 

Keeping Your Ammo Safe

Having ammo as part of your stockpile is a must for any prepper. However, if you want to ensure your ammo stays good and doesn’t experience any issues, be sure to store it properly using the tips above. This will pay off and ensure your ammo is ready to use when you need it.