Great Tips For Preppers Who Live In Smaller Homes or Apartments

Great Tips For Preppers Who Live In Smaller Homes or Apartments

In the past few years, the number of people who consider themselves preppers has grown substantially. In fact, current estimates show that there are nearly 9 million preppers in the United States alone. For most preppers, acquiring water, food and other emergency supplies is something they view as a priority. One of the main things that you need to amass a healthy quantity of prepping supplies is space.

Great Tips For Preppers Who Live In Smaller Homes or Apartments

If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, then you don’t have an overwhelming amount of space to work with. Rather than abandoning your prepping goals, you need to find creative ways to store items in your small living space. Read below for some tips designed to make prepping easier for people who live in smaller homes or apartments.

Stackable Storage Containers Are Essential

When trying to keep emergency supplies in a small living space, you will have to get crafty with the containers you use. Some people think that storing extra water in old milk jugs or two-liter soda bottles is the best way to recycle these items and meet their hydration needs in the event of an emergency. In reality, recycled bottles can pose a health risk if they are kept at warmer temperatures. You will also use a lot of room to store a few jugs or soda bottles of water, which can reduce the amount you can actually store.

If you want to maximize the space you have to store water, then using a product like WaterBricks is a wise move. With WaterBricks, you can store a large amount of water in a relatively small space because these containers are stackable. Each WaterBrick can hold around 3.5 gallons of water. These containers are also portable, which means you can grab them and go in the event of an emergency.

Get Creative with Your Storage Solutions

If you have a limited amount of square footage in your home or apartment, you have to find a way to maximize every available square inch. Thinking outside of the box can help you find storage space in every corner of your home. For instance, putting your beds on risers is a great way to create usable storage space for your prepping gear.

Instead of keeping the same old coffee table, you should think about using a trunk in its place. Deep trunks provide you with lots of storage space and they will look great in your living room.

Seek Out Compact Emergency Gear

Making a list of the emergency gear you need is a great way to stay organized as you acquire each piece. As you start to buy new emergency gear, opt for compact options. These options are usually designed for camping and automobiles. Smaller solar power banks, handheld emergency radios and compact first aid kits are much easier to store and provide you with the same functionality as their larger counterparts.

If you want to take advantage of state-of-the-art water storage solutions, the team at WaterBrick International is here to help.