Disaster Recovery – And Recharging Your Body

Disaster Recovery – And Recharging Your Body

Disaster Recovery – And Recharging Your Body


Disaster Recovery – And Recharging Your Body

What are those important things to have on hand in order to keep moving through emergencies and crisis?

Let’s take a modern analogy and talk about disaster recovery for both IT and physical systems. This can be part of planning for a brighter future – for yourself, and for the whole planet.

Disaster Recovery in IT

Today’s businesses have gotten good at managing disaster recovery for digital systems.

By investing in hardware and software, they’re able to ensure that systems can hum away, even when they’re hit by unanticipated problems, and that data and assets are easily preserved.

Part of this is having cloud and vendor colocation services and virtualization setups.

Another part of it is providing redundant data operations, so that if one pathway is hit by some type of attack or crisis, another one can take over. Pros use the terms failback and failover to describe some of the symptoms of this type of thing, and talk about availability zones that help with data recovery and backup in an emergency situation.

Disaster Recovery for Physical Systems

Your body is the ultimate physical system that needs resources in order to function well.

There is a broad consensus that the vital resource, above all others, is water.

The human body can survive without very much for a number of days, but it can’t survive without water!

With that in mind, Waterbrick provides an essential component of physical recovery infrastructure for you wherever you happen to be. It’s just more convenient than hauling jugs or trying to buy a whole bunch of small bottles at a destination.

Unlike conventional resources, Waterbrick is stackable and portable in a unique way. When you need to have a certain supply of water on hand at a given destination, this is a practical way to ensure that you’ll never run out.

You can read past blog posts to take a look at the specific ways that we use Waterbricks for survival and emergency preparedness. The bottom line is that these containers help with preserving our environment as well, by eliminating all sorts of wasteful plastic in the supply chain, and by creating a different model for how we supply our bodies with what they need.

You can also see endorsements from environmental advocates and others about how Waterbrick is useful in building a greener way to live. It’s not just for water – these containers can hold other key provisions as well – but water is the supreme example, because it is the stuff of life!